When you read personal finance articles, many focus on staying out of debt, money saving tips and ways to earn more money. So what happens when you have more than enough? When your net worth is “a lot”? ….AND you are a parent. Ex Spice Girl Mel B shares her story of raising a family and keeping her kids grounded. Nice one Mel!

Below is an exert from a recent article in Daily Mail.

‘You can’t spoil your kids’: X Factor judge Mel B reveals she’s a strict parent, and expects her children to work for their pocket money

She shot to fame in 1994 as Scary Spice, and has since gone on to carve out a successful career in the entertainment industry for herself.

But things weren’t always so good for Mel B, who told the Daily Telegraph she comes from a working class background and had to work for everything she wanted.

It’s a mindset she’s hoping to pass on to her children as they grow up.

Mumma bear: X Factor judge Mel B says her children have a ‘great lifestyle’ but she is determined not to spoil them with material possessions.

The 41-year-old mother of three said she is determined not to spoil her daughters, despite her high-paying career.

‘My kids get pocket money for tidying their room; they know the value of money, as in they have to earn it and they don’t get given everything,’ she explained.

Even when it comes to technology, Mel has no desire to hand her children expensive gadgets, and revealed her two youngest daughters share one iPad and are only granted an hour of use every day.

You have to make it a special treat. They can’t walk into a shop and think they can pick whatever they want,’ she said. ‘For example, Maddie turned five and she got two things — She got a bike and a dolls’ house … You can’t overly spoil your kids.’

Though she’s not one for lavish gifts, Mel B doesn’t think for a moment that her children are doing it tough. ‘My kids are lucky; they do live a great lifestyle but that is because I’ve worked my butt off for them. It didn’t get given to me; I didn’t grow up like that.’