My kids love to see in black & white how much money they get a week. It Is very easy and simple to follow, which facilitates my task as “record-keeper”, and now I leave it to my kids to control their “finances”.

Simonetta Roma, Life Coach, Entreprenur and Mother of two, Spain. July 2016

A lot of times when I talk to women about money and we talk about the history of their financial behavior the one reoccurring thing I hear is “growing up my parents never really taught me about money”.  So I ask this, if you are a parent, and you have made it a point to build wealth, are you including your children in the process?

The Smayver Saver Journal is beautiful, fun and most importantly, it teaches children key concepts about money – All the things I’m trying to set as a foundation for my own kids.

Bola Sukonabi, Founder, Clever Girl Finance, USA. October 2016,

Since the workshop I have been definitely more aware of the use of money in our household, this has reflected on my daughters. I have become more aware of money / saving and since the workshop I know my daughters have become more aware. They are using their Smayver Saver Journal, and keeping up with their chores. They enjoy pay day and counting their money.

Workshop attendee, Kuala Kumpur Malaysia. October 2016.

The session had a lot of information so the handout has been good to refresh. Implementing a larger pocket money so then the kids can start saving and allows them more freedom in spending . I really liked the concepts discussed

Workshop Attendee, Kuala Lumour, Malaysia. October 2016.

“I like Smayver because you can earn lots of money and you know how much is in your bank account or money jar”.

Sophia, 9 years old, Victoria, Australia. October 2016

The Smayver Saver Journal is a huge success. The kids love it and are so independently motivated!

Rebecca Kovalev, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2016.