Last night, something pretty cool happened!

My youngest daughter Ruby cried big heavy tears over the loss of her purple calculator. It was all my fault. I dislodged the solar powered connector by mistake, and wham, it was well and truly useless. I was somewhat surprised at the huge wave of sadness and heavy tears, no real sounds, just dismay , sad eyes looking down and big tears streaming down her cheeks. When she managed to speak, she said in one gulp “I saved so long for that calculator”. Holy moly, it struck me, dear six year old Ruby was experiencing strong emotions after “losing” something special she purchased after saving for five weeks. It was at this point I felt like smiling, that would have been taken the wrong way. It wasn’t just this incident that was making me want to grin, it was the sum of really nice results I have seen in my daughters since implementing a structured household pocket money system in 2015.

I am documenting this little story as pocket money with young children works if you follow the steps in the right order . There has been tears and tantrums, refusals, shouting on many occasions, feelings of helplessness on all sides, and the realization my parenting skills have been tested and tried. All of this, and I am happy to report, we are now on the other side. Not at the end by any means, but I have confidence in knowing what works and what does not work for my daughters with a pocket money/reward system.

I’m a happy mumma tonight, the past week has given me a new sense of purpose with Smayver. Financial education is a core part of Smayver, and yet my learnings and fascination with this topic has led me on some unexpected paths. When it comes to children, we can safely say, education will kick in at different ages, but the fundamental lessons around this education build character and slap entitlement in the face. These lessons give children confidence, initiative, teach them to show respect to parental requests (“clean that now you little monkey”), and above all foster team building for the family.

I didn’t say “oh wow honey,, such a beautiful learning moment”, she would have probably whacked me with the calculator. I did however, kind of skip into my bedroom, smile a happy smile and jig from side to side.