Life today is so BUSY! BUSY BUSY BUSY. Technology is changing faster than ever, some days my children are ahead of me. Amidst life’s changes, important issues for parents remain – the responsibility in raising children to become confident, motivated, resilient and happy adults.

When you discard the noise and focus on important, relevant and meaningful outcomes, magic happens in more ways than one.

If you feel unsure on whether you should include pocket money or an allowance in your household, ask yourself one question “Is gratitude, delayed gratification, a sense of pride, respect for parents authority, initiative and teamwork important?”. If you answered yes, by implementing a simple system in your household that rewards your children for some tasks they complete, you will see changes in your child’s attitude and behaviour. Motivation and rewards go hand in hand. And as a bonus  – they will be learning the value of money along the way.

Please email me at if you need advise and on how to go about this, step by step. I would love to help you.