The Smayver Saver Journal and Smayver Saver Charts are here!


Smayver Saver Journal

Smayver Saver Journal

A first of a kind educational journal for children that nurtures financial confidence and happy, healthy minds.

The Smayver Saver Journal was created to work with a pocket money/allowance/commission/rewards system. Children learn to manage their money with give, save and spend allocations, with guidance from mum and dad. The journal also allows children to document their gratitude, achievements, positive beliefs and goal setting.

The Smayver Saver Journal lasts six months and you start on any Monday. We tested the journal and realized six months is just right for young children, especially with sticky fingers on the prowl. Enjoy new designs as they come out and little brains love seeing new pictures and designs. Members receive 15% off future orders.

The journal contains 24 weekly saver charts to tally chores and rewards from pocket money and on day seven the total is broken down into give, save, spend – teaching children the important habit of saving first, then spend. There is a weekly gratitude lesson on the Saver Chart – all the makings for happy souls.

Every four weeks, kids put their skills to the test to summarise their four-week savings, purchases, and there is space for your child to write a positive belief about money and themselves, lessons learned, personal/ family achievements and a goal for the next four weeks. The Smayver Saver Journal is the tool for parents to empower young positive minds and facilitate financial confidence.

The benefits of using the Smayver Saver Journal and Chart speak for themselves.


Nurtures responsibility, independence and a serving mentality. This is the opposite to entitlement.


A Pocket money or a commission system teaches children they are only paid when they work for it. Children learn money lessons when they use their own money. It hurts more when something you buy breaks or is damaged, than when it was bought by mum or dad.


In today’s tech savvy world, children have less opportunity to wait – so much is instant! Using the Smayver Saver Journal, children learn to save for items they would like.

Delayed gratification is one of the most effective personal traits of successful people. People that delay gratification are more successful with their career, relationships, health, finances and really, all areas of life.


The ability to empathise with others and the desire to contribute is a skill learnt through time and interaction with positive influences. Giving is amazing for the immune system and saving to give to family and friends teaches children to serve and respect others. Learning to give is a positive attribute for any child. Starting young means more impact for everyone. A win win!


Children who learn the habit of saving earn a financial advantage in life. The weekly breakdown is a simple way for children to learn money earned is for giving, saving or spending. A saver knows where their money is going.


Your beliefs about money are a key element in determining how much money you’ll be able to make, and how much of that money you’ll be able to keep.

It takes years to reverse limiting beliefs that were formed in childhood. As parents we can help our children get it right early on.


Grateful people are happy with what they have and understand that planning for “happiness” in the future can be problematic.

At the end of each week children write on their saver chart what they are grateful for. It’s lovely to learn what your children are thinking about life and a perfect opportunity to share with your child what you are grateful for.


Children learn by habit and financial motivation to perform tasks in exchange for money and learning valuable life skills.


What has self-love got to do with pocket money? Good question and quite simply Smayver wants everyone to learn early on they are loved and most importantly we want kids to write nice things about themselves. These nice things are called positive beliefs (e.g I am adored by my family and friends). According to Warren Buffett (one of the most successful investors in the world), having confidence in yourself is a key element in acquiring wealth. He once said the following: “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute

Improved Communication and Influence Skills

Parenting is a challenge, filled with amazing delight and yes – defiance, attitude, bad behavior, personality clashes, tantrums and more. Many parents give up on pocket money systems as their children refuse to do the tasks assigned and/or they believe their kids will request payment for every chore they complete.

Implementing an effective pocket money system takes time. Take things slowly and be consistent in praising when tasks are completed and letting children be aware you have noticed the tasks that are left. “Noticed” is a nicer word than “do it!” Nobody likes to be nagged or bullied. Over time, you will notice your communication and influence skills improve. It’s amazing what you learn along the way. Communication and influence is key. Once a child is motivated to do tasks and chores, 90% of your battle is over. Don’t give up.

Not only do kiddies learn a chocolate box of talents using the Smayver Saver Journal, parents’ benefit as well. There is less room to give up on a pocket money system and the journal works as a tool to keep children and parents on track.

Using the journal with your children will raise questions about your own money beliefs and as the journey unfolds your financial confidence will improve.

The Smayver Saver journal is an investment for your child’s confidence and mindset. Pre-order now for limited time 25% discount! Orders being sent from July 30th. See my you tube overview on the journal here.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and success stories.

Jennifer Elliott