Have you ever felt frustrated by not believing you are a positive role model for your children when it comes to money?

Do you wonder how other parents teach their children about money and if you are doing a good job or not?

And what exactly does it mean to be a good role money when it comes to money? There are probably a million answers to this as everyone has different opinions about money and our everyday behaviors are unique. Spending habits are different than they were a decade ago and attitudes change. What worked yesterday, does not always work tomorrow.

The good news for parents who are keen to set a good example to their children when it comes to money is that we can model key money beliefs to help create desirable outcomes.

Every parent has an amazing set of skills, and for many they simply have not tapped into them yet. Really? Yes, really! It’s a proven fact that when we hold negative beliefs about our capabilities, our actions will mirror that. By training our brain to take on new beliefs that we aspire to, results will transpire.

A simple exercise to help you become a better money master around the home is the act of a positive belief system. Write down ten positive and empowering beliefs that you have or would like to have for money. Print the beliefs and look at them once a day. Test which ones help you take better actions throughout your day. You will be surprised at how quickly your actions will change once you focusing on positive money beliefs.

Below are five current beliefs I have about money. I say current because if they don’t work for me tomorrow, I will swap one and test a new one. Having positive money beliefs helps me create outcomes for everyday situations, helps me focus and gives me answers on how to achieve the outcomes I want.

  1. Money management mastery gives my family increased freedom, flexibility and certainty.
    2. Being a super money role model for my daughters provides them with a powerful life skill and gives them a competitive advantage in life.
    3. Money is my friend and I treat it with respect and admiration.
    4. Money allows me to help the less fortunate.
    5. Intentional and focused behavior bring me great success in business.

Good luck and keep learning,
Jennifer x

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny