With the holiday season upon us, now is as good a time as any to reflect on our spending habits. “Live Rich” is a 3 minute film by Gary Turk , and it is a great perspective on saving!

Click here to see the awesome clip or below is a briefed down version of the poem.

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives,
and we all spend it spending.
We live to consume, we consume to live,
and our desire for more is unending.

They get more money, if we’re regular buyers,
so they manipulate our needs, and twist our desires.
They are liars, a shady institution,
where they create a problem and sell us a solution.

They’ll do anything to trick us, try and take our money captive.
Sell us happiness and sex appeal, and ways to be attractive,
so we go out and buy it, and fill our lives with clutter
only we still feel the same, but with money in the gutter.

But they’re winning, and we always lose,
we’re giving them our money because we join the queues
of people, all keeping up with the Joneses,
buying the latest and the newest.

But I have a solution, which you’re welcome to ditch,
it’s hard but it’s worth it, Spend Less – Live Rich.
As simple as that, just tune out the noise,
Take in what you have and appreciate the joys
of living, without being told what to buy,
or else you’ll always want more, until the day that you die.

We had cash and cheque, then onto chip and pin,
now you keep hold of your card when you buy anything.
You don’t feel it, when your funds go in a flash,
just try and go a week where you only pay cash.

So take control of your money, and take control of your lives,
saving money isn’t boring when you start to realise
what it stands for, the choices and the freedom,
the security of those pennies in the times that you need them.

You see true wealth isn’t in the numbers to you name,
It’s in knowledge itself, and the experiences you gain,
It’s about the priceless, and the things you cant buy,
Like memories, and loved ones, and feeling that high
When you realise, that life’s full of free gifts,
When you live in the moment, and forget that money exists.