I have a confession to make! But first let me tell you a story.

Last week my sister and I arranged a consultant to meet with us at her home to learn about his business services. It was quite an important meeting and my two daughters were also present. I asked them nicely to play outside while the meeting was taking place, to help themselves to snacks and water, to not interrupt unless there was an emergency and not to make too much noise. Ninety minutes later I was a proud mumma, my girls had behaved like saints, not a peak, just a couple of sweet glances at us while the meeting took place and they had happily played the whole time. My sister commented to them on their good behavior and so did I.

So here comes the confession…90 minutes earlier when I asked my girls to behave, there was an extra statement. “I will give you $5 each if you do this for mummy”. Bad mum? What you might be saying? Well, it was an experiment and it worked! My daughters showed they are more than capable of awesome behavior AND reward and motivation make you behave differently. Fact! I asked my eldest “were you wanting to come and interrupt”. “Yes!!!!!” was her reply “I wanted to come and ask when it would be over”. “Why didn’t you ask me”” I replied. “I wanted the $5”was her reply.

A message from this experience? Motivation and rewards help achieve goals faster and quicker. I am certainly not advocating to do what I did –if you are feeling a little experimental, why not. It really was an experiment, and it highlighted I need to set myself more rewards to achieve the goals I am currently chasing and to unexpectedly reward my girls are little more for their good behavior.

My sister never knew about the $5 bribe. I’m not sure if she reads my blog. I’ll soon find out 🙂