Hi there, my name is Jennifer Elliott and I am a dreamer who decided to take action. I created Smayver to make saving fun for children and to provide parents with simple tools and practical straight forward advise to empower children with smart money habits and a mindset for greatness. 

Growing up in Australia, my parents taught me some important life skills around money. I  learnt from their habits, behaviours and how they used their own money. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was learning important skills and habits that I am with much gratitude and love passing on to my own daughters. It was with these skills that gave me the motivation to learn more about financial education and to fill gaps I had not learned or understood.

Unfortunately not everyone is taught the foundations of financial education. Children may not do as we say but they will certainly do as we do. The old saying “more is caught than taught” holds true in all areas of our life. As parents we are teaching our children about money, manners, beliefs, relationships, health, self worth and priorities etc in how we live out daily lives. Parenting is a huge responsibility and we learn something new every day. Some areas are easier to “master” than others and unfortunately financial education is an area many parents shy away from. Smayver is here to change that, and offer simple tools, information and motivation to achieve the outcomes you want for yourself and your family.

I am passionate about parenting, family, friendships and growing every day. I love good coffee, dancing anywhere, dining out, nature, reading and jungle trekking.

Founder, Jennifer Elliott

Jennifer Elliott

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