Hello and welcome to the world of Smayver, where financial education, creativity and mind power create positive and transformational change in your everyday life.

Smayver creates no nonsense products and financial educational content, targeted at parents with children four to twelve. Making saving fun is Smayvers’ catch phrase, and we do this by weaving creativity and fun into financial education.

The word Smayver stands for Smart Saver and is a re-invention of the everyday money box. Founder, Jennifer Elliott was frustrated by the lack of design and creativity with traditional money boxes her daughters were given when they were young. After searching for better designs, she decided she would create a new design herself, and from here the Smayver brand was born.

The patented Smayver “money box’ will be available from October 2016 and the Smayver Saver Journal is now available for sale! The journal is a simple way to keep track of a pocket money/allowance/commission system and teaches children money management using give, save, spend allocations. It also allows children to document gratitude, lessons learned, achievements and positive beliefs about themselves.

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